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2011 Illustration Annual
 :: In And Out With Dick And Jane
In And Out With Dick And Jane
Featured in:
2011 Illustration Annual
"Illustrations for an adult parody book, In and Out With Dick and Jane, a Loving Parody by James Victore and Ross MacDonald. Illustrated by Ross MacDonald, the book tells a timeless tale of children and their sunny joyful world of foreclosures, gun culture, school shootings, abusing priests, killer clowns, meth labs, big box stores, credit card debt, ADHD drugs, bestiality, latch key kids, Viagra, litter, pollution—in other words, a world much like our own." 8 x 10, watercolor.
Ross MacDonald
, illustrator
Ross MacDonald
/James Victore, writers
David Cashion
, editor
James Victore/
Danielle Young
, designers
Michelle Ishay
, executive creative director
Abrams Image
, publisher

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