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2011 Design Annual
 :: CTIA Wireless Sculptures
CTIA Wireless Sculptures
Featured in:
2011 Design Annual
"Wireless technologies empower people and businesses to do incredible things. Every day we're able to do more with less, whether it's reading a book using less paper or navigating to a destination wasting less fuel. These sculptures at Washington DC's Union Station and Reagan National Airport helped America's wireless companies demonstrate how wireless innovation is helping all of us reduce our environmental impact."
Kai Fang, associate creative director
Dave Tobey
, creative director
John Gundlach
, group creative director
Timothy Shinn
, illustrator
Trudi Benford
, project manager
Amanda Reich
, producer
Nicole Harburger
Greg Pinelo
, strategists
Katie Skillman
, strategy
Event Central, LLC
, exhibition developer
, ad agency
CTIA-The Wireless Association
, client

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