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2011 Advertising Annual
 :: Peugeot
Featured in:
2011 Advertising Annual
"Vehicle maintenance is a necessary evil—something people don't invest much time thinking about—because it's an additional expense it's not a process that is enjoyable, which causes many car owners to forego genuine parts in favour of cheaper, generic ones. By using X-rays of entire cars, this campaign highlights the importance of always opting for the real thing, in an innovative and humorous way exploiting the notion that only a Peugeot genuine part genuinely belongs in a Peugeot."
Luke Duggan/Zuzana Zaloudek, art directors
Fiona Cox/Luke Duggan/Zuzana Zaloudek, writers
Paul Fenton/Tom Spicer, creative directors
Dave Kenedy
Steve Leupen
, graphic artists
Ted Blore
, retoucher
Sarah Pang
, project manager
Siobhan Petri
, project director
Mike Gill
, agency producer
Arnold Furnace Sydney, ad agency
Richard Grant
, Peugeot, client

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