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2011 Advertising Annual
 :: IBM
Featured in:
2011 Advertising Annual
"IBM has built a computing system named 'Watson' that can understand natural language. As the ultimate test of its ability, Watson competed on the quiz show Jeopardy! against the world's two greatest champions. How could we use this scientific achievement to capture the world's imagination and inspire the public to care about Watson?

"We began by creating an avatar as the public face for Watson, then took people behind the scenes into the IBM research labs, documenting the machine's progress over two years as it lead up to the challenge. We explained the science behind Watson and educated the world about the possibilities of this impressive leap in modern computing, one that points the way to a new relationship between machines and humans."
Miles Gilbert, art director
Niels West, writer
Mark Girand
/Michael Paterson, creative directors
David Korchin
/Jason Marks, group creative directors
Tom Godici/Greg Ketchum, executive creative directors
Susan Westre, worldwide executive creative director
Steve Simpson, chief creative officer
Go Robot/, editorial companies
Paul Bozymowski
, director
Jenn Pennington/
Erika Tribble
, producers
Karl Westman
, music producer
Lee Weiss/
Pierre Wendling
, executive producers
Ogilvy & Mather, ad agency
IBM, client

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