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2011 Advertising Annual
 :: Mattel / Hotwheels
Mattel / Hotwheels
Featured in:
2011 Advertising Annual
"To promote Hotwheels tracks, we wanted something fresh yet simple for a brand that seemed to have done it all. We took advantage of a car bridge in our city and reproduced a real scale track. A special structure was placed on the bridge in one of Bogota's main highways in order to modify its shape, giving drivers the feeling of driving inside a giant Hotwheels track. We captured the imagination of both children and their parents, and transformed an ordinary surpass bridge in Bogotå into a brand experience. Hotwheels kept the flame alive."
Andres Lopez
Daniel Mora
/Camilo Ruano, art directors
Julian Gutierrez, writer
Diego Cardenas
Mauricio Guerrero
, creative directors
John Raul Forero, executive creative director
Juan Jose Posada, chief creative officer
Javier Crespo, photographer
David Alvarado
, art buyer
Freddy Rivero
, producer
Ogilvy & Mather Bogotá, ad agency
Mattel, client

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