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2011 Advertising Annual
 :: New Era
New Era
Featured in:
2011 Advertising Annual
“Philadelphia” :60
(Open on Alec Baldwin at a party)
SFX: Phone rings.
(Alec steps away from the action to take the call)
Alec: Hello, John.
(Cut back and forth between Alec and John)
John: Hey, quick question. Are you a Phillies fan now? Since you couldn’t get Cliff Lee and he went to Philadelphia for less money?
Alec: First of all, Yankee fans don’t consider Philadelphia a legitimate sports town. John, You know that.
John: I’m worried for you. Are you even prepared for the worst misery you’ve ever experienced in the history of this rivalry.
Alec: John, for the last time this is not a rivalry. Just like fire does not have a “rivalry” with kindling. Just like lawn mowers don’t have “rivalry” with grass. Just like America does not have a “rivalry” with Costa Rica.
John: Let me ask you something. How do you root for the Yankees? Seriously. It’s like being a huge fan of fascism (the flu).
Alec: No. It’s like being a huge fan of winning. Which we do. Relentlessly.
John: Not this year man. Not this year.
Alec: Classic Red Sox fan. Celebrate in April. We’ll dance in October. 4”
John: YOU’LL BE DEAD IN OCTOBER!!!! Too far? Was that a little too much?
Alec: I think you know it was.
John: Sorry. I just get really worked up.
Alec: We all do.

“One Hitter” :60
(Alec climbs the stairs to John’s apartment door and knocks. John answers, finishing a conversation with someone inside. Alec immediately punches him right in the face)
John: Ow!! What the hell was that for?
Alec: You guys didn’t deserve to win that game tonight! You know you didn’t!
John: The Yankees won!
Alec: Really? (takes his dark glasses off)
John: Yes!
Alec: Beat. Oh... sorry.... I left my house in the 6th. Reception on the LIE is spotty.
John: Did you drive all the way over here just to punch me in the face?
Alec: I ran. I was too angry to drive.
John: And at no point did you stop and think that this was a bad idea?
Alec: No. I still don’t.
John: I have to admit I admire your commitment level.
(Alec hands John a wad of bills)
Alec: Here, get your face fixed.
John: I don’t think anything’s broken.
Alec: I know, but get it fixed.

“Jeter” :60
Alec: Hello?
John: Wow, Jeter looked great out there tonight.
Alec: You shut your mouth. That man is a saint.... (Or he will be shortly). I have high placed-people at the Vatican working on it.
John: All I can say is no one walks back to the dugout more gracefully after striking out.
Alec: Krasinski, I'm telling you right now, I will rip your arms off and give them to Derek Jeter to use as weights in the on-deck circle. Some things are just off limits.
John: (Derek) Jeter is off limits? You're paying him 54 million. You could buy every man, woman and child in America a Prius.
Alec: There's no way that's true.
John: The point stands. Good night, Alec.
Alec: Good night, buddy. Good night, Derek.
Charlie Grandy
Mike Schur
, writers
Scott Henriksen, director of photography
Bryan Buckley, director
Kevin Byrne/Mino Jarjoura, producers
Hungry Man, production company
Brooklyn Bros
, ad agency
New Era, client

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