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2012 Typography Annual
 :: Boisset Family Estates bottle
Boisset Family Estates bottle
Featured in:
2012 Typography Annual
"The design makes use of the brand name in print and embossing, which creates the main image of a mountain shrouded in fog. The design objectives were to create wine brand and packaging that immediately reinforces the name and the quality of the wine. This eco-friendly wine is bottled in a PET (plastic) wine bottle rather than glass. Since PET doesn't have as substantial feel as glass, striking a balance between a more contemporary design and one that spoke to the high quality was crucial." Typefaces: H&FJ Numbers, H&FJ Requiem.
Kevin Reeves, typographer/designer
Sara Golzari, design director
David Schuemann, creative director
CF Napa Brand Design, design firm
Boisset Family Estates
, client

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