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2012 Advertising Annual
 :: DieHard
Featured in:
2012 Advertising Annual
“Torture Test” :60
(Open on an SUV sitting on a frozen lake)
Anncr. (VO): Bozeman, Montana. A car sits on a frozen lake through brutal temperatures and chilling winds.
Battered for days on end, it still starts.
(Car turns over. The lights come on. Pull back reveals the “car” is actually a toy car. A boy reaches down to pick it up to reveal DieHard batteries under the toy car)
Anncr. (VO): The power of a DieHard is now available in a smaller size.
Camera Card: Life Demands DieHard.
Jeremy Smallwood, art director
Pam Mufson, writer
Pam Mufson/Jeremy Smallwood, creative directors
Bob Winter, chief creative officer
Greg Jardin
, director
Chris Wickman
, agency producer
Brian Smego, executive director of production, production company
Y&R Chicago, ad agency
, client

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