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2012 Advertising Annual
 :: JetBlue
Featured in:
2012 Advertising Annual
"Cab Jam" :30
(Open on a Grand Central Station cab stand in New York. A woman gets into a waiting cab)
Woman Passenger: I have to go to Penn Station.
Cab Driver: OK.
(The cab driver adjusts his seat back. The woman’s legroom quickly disappears. Cut to succeeding passengers confused as the cab driver adjusts his seat)
Passenger: The chair is pushing against my legs.
Cab Driver: You have a standard amount of legroom, sir.
Passenger: No, I’m 6 foot 3,” I need more legroom.
Cab Driver: How much space do you need?
(Cut to next passenger)
Passenger: I’m hot, I’m cramped and we haven’t even left yet.
(Cut to next passenger who struggles to leave the cab)
Super: If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air.
End Card 1: Enjoy the most legroom in coach.
End Card 2: JetBlue. You Above All.
Tim Vaccarino, art director
Dave Weist, writer
Jamie Ferreira, creative director
Tim Vaccarino/Dave Weist, executive creative directors
Mark Wenneker, chief creative officer
Robyn Rhodes, animation
JJ Lask/Maury Loeb/Robert Ryang, editors
Ned Borgman, assistant editor
ps260, editorial company
Soundtrack Studios, music company
Mike Secher, audio mixer
Henry-Alex Rubin, director
Sean McLean, colorist
Laura Patterson, producer
Lisa Rich, executive producer
Zeke Bowman, executive agency producer
Drew Santarsiero/Laura Thoel, production company producers
Liza Near, executive director of production
Smuggler, production company
Brickyard VFX, visual effects company
Mullen, ad agency
JetBlue, client

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