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2012 Advertising Annual
 :: Chevrolet
Featured in:
2012 Advertising Annual
"Chevrolet asked us to launch the Chevy Sonic. They told us it had great gas mileage, the highest safety rating and was the perfect vehicle for a first-time car buyer, aka Millennials. The only problem, Millennials saw Chevy as their grandfather's car company, one that was out-of-touch and irrelevant.

To change their minds and get Chevy back into the conversation, we knew we couldn't just talk about car features and lease offers. So, we partnered with rock stars, extreme athletes, robotic experts, and tech masterminds to create a series of epic, 100% real stunts that captured the attention and imagination of our audience.

We let Millennials participate in the stunts, gave them behind-the-scenes access, and rewarded them for getting out, discovering, and completing their own stunts. All to demonstrate that Sonic is not just another small-car, it's a car for firsts and Chevy is a brand worth buying into.


Nobody cares about yet another car launch...except when you get to push yourself! When we asked the Internet to help launch the Chevy Sonic by pushing it off a 100-ft. platform, people went click-crazy. As an added kicker, anyone who helped push had a chance to win the Sonic.

The launch was live-streamed on Clicking a giant cursor hand pushed the car closer (and closer) to the edge, until 9 hours and 2.5 million clicks later, the Sonic was launched, bungee-jumping over the edge. Thanks, Internet, for launching the Chevy Sonic.

Then while freefalling from 14000 feet, Sonic's Skydive showed off the car from every angle. We showcased the footage in high-impact digital banners and out-of-home that re-created the stunt for the audience.

Next, Rob Dyrdek, pro skateboarder and MTV star, kick-flip a Sonic in-front of a live audience. The daredevil stunt was featured in the premiere episode of MTV show, Fantasy Factory.

We then premiered Sonic's first music video on the Super Bowl, featuring Ok Go. MTV featured Sonic as the artist of the week and the music video was on hourly rotation.

Finally Street art combined robotics and art, with Sonic painting side-by-side with artist Jeff Soto to create an original mural and documentary-short."
Azin Ashourvan
/David Byrd/Susan Land/
Javier Torok
, art directors
Damian Fitzgerald
/Trey Tyler/
Hanna Wittmark
, writers
Andrew Bancroft/Niklas Lilja, associate creative directors
Joakim Borgstrom, creative director
Jamie Barrett/Hunter Hindman, executive creative directors
Beast Editorial, editorial company
Brian L. Perkins
, director
Todd Porter, agency music producer
Andrew Lee
Eric Shamlin
, interactive producers
Jim Vaughan/
Dan Watson
/Ryan Wilson, broadcast producers
Alex Burke
/Hilary Coate, executive producers
Caviar/Motion Theory/Pearl Media/
Slim Productions
Stopp LA
, production companies
Goodby Silverstein & Partners, ad agency
Chevrolet, client

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