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2012 Advertising Annual
 :: BMW North America
BMW North America
Featured in:
2012 Advertising Annual
"When the all-new BMW 3 Series launched in February 2012, it was met with great anticipation by car enthusiasts and critics. The 3 Series, after all, is an iconic car, and it had been seven years since the release of the last model. For this reason, the campaign theme was "Desir3.

"The campaign launch included multiple homepage takeovers, slated to run over the course of a week, raising the question: How do you create a homepage takeover ad that grabs users' attention and makes them glad it did?

"On, we embraced the Desir3 concept by letting users lust over every angle of the long-awaited vehicle in a 360-degree rotation unlike any before—with the entire page turning with it.

"To grab their attention, users arriving at's homepage came upon an animation of the BMW 3 Series breaking through the front of the page. The entire page then rotated approximately 30 degrees, showing the vehicle parked both in front of and behind the page. Users were then invited to explore every angle of the 3 Series by rotating the full page.

"Yahoo took a snapshot of its homepage upon interaction, allowing users to rotate a live version of its site with the vehicle at their own pace. At the profile angles, hot spots allowed users to select from a number of videos highlighting various features. Users could learn about the vehicle's unique innovations and explore the entire newly designed body.

"The agency worked closely with Yahoo's development team to achieve this effect, which had never been done previously."
Jae Sung Jung
, art director
Paul Collins
/Marc Hartzman, creative directors
Michael Craven/DJ Pierce, executive creative directors
Ed Brojerdi/Izzy DeBellis, chief creative officers
Marc Hartzman, interactive writer
Nick Meyer, interactive technical director
Kari Prisco
, interactive producer
Dennis Hanley, senior producer Development Team
, development partner
, ad agency
BMW North America, client

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