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2012 Advertising Annual
 :: JCPenney
Featured in:
2012 Advertising Annual
“Western Coupons” :60
Ellen: Why so many coupons, this is ridiculous. Was it always this way?
Western Ellen: That is a bad smell. Seriously, nobody smells that?
Woman Shopper: She took her two kids and she done run off.
Western Ellen: I’m terribly sorry, are you in line?
Woman Shopper: No, no, m’am. Please
Western Ellen: (Speaking over shopper) That’s horrible about the woman.
Cashier: Howdy
Western Ellen: Hi. Two pair of jeans for five cents, I have a coupon if you’ll just
(She reaches for her pocket and everyone screams)
Cashier: Shoot the kid, not me!
Western Ellen: Whoa everybody! I’m just getting some coupons! Coupons. Coupons.
Woman Shopper: Oh!
Sheriff: Coupons.
Western Ellen: I don’t keep my gun in this pocket.
I keep it in this one.
(Everyone drops and screams again)
Cashier: Shouts something unintelligible.
Super: No coupons, just great prices. That’s fair and square.

“Roman Returns” :60
Roman Returns Associate: Next.
Ellen: Hi. I’d like to return this, please.
Roman Returns Associate: Reason?
Ellen: It’s a skort.
Roman Returns Associate: Receipt?
Ellen: Oh, this is a funny story. I have a standard poodle.
Roman Returns Associate: No receipt, no return.
Ellen (VO): Was it always this way?
Roman Returns Associate: Signora. Next please.
Roman Ellen: Hi
Roman Returns Associate: Hi.
Roman Ellen: I would like to return this toga.
Roman Returns Associate: Reason for return?
Roman Ellen: It’s just not me. And it’s there’s one shoulder missing and do you have anything with a zipper?
Roman Returns Associate: Zipper?
Roman Ellen: Zi-zipper.
Other Roman Associate: Zipper?
Roman Ellen: Zipper.
Other Roman Associate: Zipper.
Roman Ellen: You know,
Other Roman Associate: Do you have a receipt? Receipt?
Roman Returns Associate: Receipt.
Other Roman Associate: Receipt.
Roman Ellen: Wow. That seems very heavy to carry around.
Roman Returns Associate: When did you buy it?
Roman Ellen: When did I buy it? When were the locusts? Right after the locusts, I believe.
Other Roman Associate: Do you have a receipt?
Roman Ellen: This is ridiculous, really. This is ridiculous!
(The crowds start shouting)
Roman Ellen: This is ridiculous! This is ridiculous!
Super: Return any item, anytime. That’s fair and square.

“50’s Wake-Up” :30
Ellen: Excuse me, where are all the shoes?
Sales Associate: Girl, the sale started at 6 AM.
Ellen: Well, girl, it’s only 8:20. Why so early? Has it always been this way?
50’s Wife: Rise and shine, Joe! It’s 6 AM!
Joe: Oh!
50’s Wife: We have to get to the sale!
Ellen: Why do we have to get up so early? Won’t the same things be on sale later today?
SFX: Laugh track.
Ellen: Why is that so funny?
Super: No door busting, just great prices all the time.
That’s fair and square.
Michael Rylander, art director
Ken Segall
, writer
Tom Suiter
, executive creative director
Scott Henriksen, director of photography
Avi Oron, editor
Bryan Buckley, director
Mino Jarjoura, producer
Kevin Byrne, executive producer
Hungry Man, production company
, ad agency
jcpenney, client

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