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2012 Advertising Annual
 :: Old Spice Power
Old Spice Power
Featured in:
2012 Advertising Annual
"Charmin" :15
Woman (VO): Try this routine to feel fresh and clean! Pair Charmin Freshmates with your Charmin…
(Suddenly Terry's head pops out of the box shouting)
Terry: OOOOOOOOOOld Spice body spray is too powerful to stay in it's own commercial.
(His hand comes smashing up through the tile counter next to the box holding a can of Old Spice body spray which he sprays)
Terry: That's right.
(Cut to end treatment with close-up product shot and signature whistle/yell)
Logo: Smell is power
Logo: Old Spice
Terry: P-P-P-P-P-POWER!!

“Brain” :15
(Open in a bathroom. Terry sprays himself with Old Spice body spray and yells at the camera)
Terry: Old Spice body spray will make you feel so powerful it’ll blow your mind right in front of your face.
(The top of Terry’s head opens like a missile silo and we see his brain slowly rocket out of his head. It floats over and hovers in front of him)
Brain: Goodbye.
Terry: (He panics) OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
(The brain explodes in front of him. He holds up the Old Spice body spray again and begins to shout, but only gibberish comes out)
Subtitle: What a powerful mistake I’ve made.
(Cut to end treatment with signature whistle/yell)
Logo: Smell is power
Logo: Old Spice

"Locker Room" :30
(Open in a locker room. Terry and a schlubby looking man in sweaty post-game sports clothes, holding a hockey stick, wearing a hockey helmet are standing)
Terry: Old Spice body spray can change a regular-smelling man into a man who smells like POWERRRRRRRRRR!
(As Terry yells, the man's clothing explodes piece by piece, leaving him in just his underwear. Then Terry takes another breath and continues screaming)
Man: Now how was...
(New powerful clothes explode onto the man. He now wears a golden pharaoh's uniform and head dress, and holds a bejeweled scepter in place of the hockey stick. He looks at himself and gives the thumbs up)
Man: Wow! You know what, I do feel more powerf...
(Terry interrupts him with another yell)
Terry: Potato Chiiiiiiiiips!
(The man explodes and turns into a vending machine. Terry gets a bag of chips, eats a few and shrugs) Cut to end treatment with close-up product shot and signature whistle/yell.
Logo: Smell is power
Logo: Old Spice
Croix Gagnon, art director
Andy Laugenour
Nathaniel Lawlor
, writers
Craig Allen/Jason Bagley, creative directors
Mark Fitzloff/Susan Hoffman, executive creative directors
Eli Born
, director of photography
Tim Bird/Chris Knight, Flame artists
Michael Giambra
, editor
Absolutely Productions
, editorial company/production company
Rohan Young, sound designer
Jessica Locke, audio mixer
Tim Heidecker
Eric Wareheim
, directors
Bill Benz
Eric Notarnicola
, visual effects artists
LaRue Anderson, Telecine and visual effects director
Adam Scott, colorist
Dale Nicholls
, associate producer
Lindsay Reed, agency producer
Ben Grylewicz, executive agency producer
Arielle Davis, visual effects producer
Joshua Cohen
Dave Kneebone
, production company producers
The Mill, visual effects company
Wieden+Kennedy Portland, ad agency
George Felix
, Procter & Gamble, Old Spice, client

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