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2012 Advertising Annual
Featured in:
2012 Advertising Annual
“Throw It Away” :30
(Open on a presenter at a mall in front of a table with two small cups filled with liquid. He asks a shopper to take part in a taste test)
Presenter: We are going to start out with the one we’re calling X. Now this car insurance is very friendly, they offer excellent service.
(Shopper tastes car insurance X)
Shopper: Good.
Presenter: This is sample Y.
(Shopper drinks sample Y)
Shopper: Ughhh…shhhhhhi…
Presenter: Oh, don’t use that word.
Shopper: (Laughing) Oh, not too good.
Presenter: (Turns over cups) What did you choose?
Shopper: (Continues to laugh hysterically) GEICO.
Presenter: Over their competitor. Not quite as pleasant.
(Shopper points to bad tasting Brand Y)
Shopper: (More laughing) Throw that one away!
Super: Millions of people are choosing GEICO.
Daniela Montanez, art director
Bob Meagher, writer
Steve Bassett, group creative director
Tim Ives, director of photography
Sam Cadman, director
Nicole Hollis-Vitale, associate producer
Tom Rossano, executive producer
Molly Souter, executive agency producer
Station Film, production company
The Martin Agency, ad agency
GEICO, client

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