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2012 Advertising Annual
 :: JetBlue
Featured in:
2012 Advertising Annual
“The Local” :30
(Scene opens on passengers entering a large elevator)
Attendant: You going to 22?
Passenger 1: Yes, please.
Attendant: And, what floor were you…?
Passenger 2: 37.
(Attendant methodically presses all the buttons)
Passenger 3: Why are all the buttons pressed?
Attendant: Oh, sorry. This is not a nonstop elevator.It’s much more cost effective to go on every floor to try to pick people up on the way there.
Passenger 3: That doesn’t even make sense, man.
(Elevator door opens and passengers start to file out)
Passenger 3: I’m gonna take the stairs.
(The attendant calls to the fleeing passengers)
Attendant: You know, the stairs don’t go to the 37th.
(Passengers file back into the elevator in frustration)
Passenger 3: I gotta be somewhere! This is insane!
Super: If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, don’t take it in the air.
End Card 1: Fly nonstop to more destinations.
End Card 2: JetBlue. You Above All.
Tim Vaccarino, art director
Dave Weist, writer
Jamie Ferreira, creative director
Tim Vaccarino/Dave Weist, executive creative directors
Mark Wenneker, chief creative officer
Robyn Rhodes, animator
Ned Borgman/JJ Lask/Maury Loeb/Robert Ryang, editors
ps260, editorial company
Soundtrack Studios, music company
Mike Secher, audio mixer
Henry-Alex Rubin, director
Sean McLean, colorist
Laura Patterson, producer
Lisa Rich, executive producer
Zeke Bowman, executive agency producer
Drew Santarsiero/Laura Thoel, production company producers
Liza Near, executive director of production
Smuggler, production company
Brickyard VFX, visual effects company
Mullen, ad agency
JetBlue, client

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