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2013 Typography Annual
 :: DDB Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship
DDB Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship
Featured in:
2013 Typography Annual
"This poster series for the Bill Bernbach Diversity Scholarship contains more than 36 typefaces. Each 24 x 32 poster incorported different approaches to layering typography in order to capture the idea that diversity makes everything more interesting. All six posters can be collected and strung together to spell out 'diversity.' We used Founders Grotesk as the secondary type."
Paul Belford
/Brian Gartside/Juan Carlos Pagan, typographers
Brian Gartside/Juan Carlos Pagan, designers
Menno Kluin, executive creative director
Matt Eastwood, chief creative officer
Leslie Silver
, print producer
DDB New York, ad agency
DDB Corporate
, client

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