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2013 Typography Annual
 :: Tic Tac campaign
Tic Tac campaign
Featured in:
2013 Typography Annual
"The Shake It Up campaign took human truths (74 percent of people turn their heads to the right, most Americans spend 13 years of their lives watching TV, etc.) and asked people to shake them up. Using the TIC TAC VIEWR app, people could interact directly with the ads, which were individually designed using custom type and printed as 4-color process to be read as Augmented Reality markers. Each poster—ranging in size from 27" x 40" to 15' x 11 1/2', and printed in large format vinyl—was designed to keep contrast and negative space in mind for the AR scanner to pick up. Tic Tacs are fun. Writing in them is funner. (Is funner even a word?)"
Saks Afridi
/Jessica Giles/
Katherine Willimann
, art directors
Amanda Cornwell
/Austin Hamilton/
Eddie Van Bloem
, writers
Saks Afridi
Eddie Van Bloem
, group creative directors
Andy Hirsch, executive creative director
Tamara Lund
, associate photo editor
Bev Don
, director of photography
Lauren Pernick
, print producer
Merkley + Partners, ad agency
I Love Dust, design firm
Ferrero U.S.A., Inc., Tic Tac
, client

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