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2013 Typography Annual
 :: Realm Charter School
Realm Charter School
Featured in:
2013 Typography Annual
"REALM is Berkeley's first and only charter school. The name, an acronym for Revolutionary Education And Learning Movement, was the inspiration for the identity. The logo embodies this progressive outlook in its use of a flag—a symbol shared by schools and movements—dramatic black-and-white imagery, and assertive typography. In an acknowledgement of the school's student-centered learning model, the application includes life-sized photos of actual students on every spread. A 'day-in-the-life' timeline runs along the bottom of the pages throughout, giving context to the school's innovative curriculum. The exterior jacket doubles as a self-mailing enrollment application: answer a few questions, then fold, staple and drop it in the mail. Every application also contains a pull-out double-sided poster so students can become active participants in the grassroots promotion of the school's revolutionary ideas." 14 pages, collated, unbound, 6 3/4 x 10 folded, 20 x 12 3/4 unfolded, 3-color, reversible self-mailing belly band, pull out double-sided poster. Typefaces: Cyclone, Nexus, Tungsten, Vitesse.
Justin Holbrook
/Nathan Sharp, designers
Christopher Simmons, art director
MINE, design firm
REALM Charter School
, client

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