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2013 Design Annual
 :: Texas Association Against Sexual Assault "Break The Box" video
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault "Break The Box" video
Featured in:
2013 Design Annual
“Break the Box is a unique statewide multimedia campaign that aims to reduce sexual violence by challenging gender stereotypes. It shows how we affect people through both our words and actions, and how, by breaking down gender stereotypes, we can support a healthier society less prone to sexual violence. The campaign is running in movie theaters, and on Facebook Mobile and the Causes platform.”
Ian Boyle, art director
Lily Donovan-Seid
, designer
Patrick Arrington
, 3-D designer
Robin Raj
, executive creative director
Tu Vu
, writer
Nathan Robinson
, editor
Maz Makhani
, director of photography
Marshall Plante
, artist
Robinson + Sinagra
, director
James McCarthy
, 3-D artist
Maya Korenwasser-Bello
, Flame artist
Nico Abondolo
Hans Zimmer
, music composers
Remote Control Productions
, music
Daniel Kresco
, sound engineer
Sarah Flores
Nathan Robinson
Andrew Sinagra
, project directors
Jenna Lohouse
Ted Robbins
, producers
Sandy Haddad
, executive producer
David Cumpton
, strategist
Ntropic, project design and development
, production company
, ad agency
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault
, client

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