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2013 Design Annual
 :: Karla Colletto “Swim” video
Karla Colletto “Swim” video
Featured in:
2013 Design Annual
“With a crew of two dozen, we directed the filming of a short feature for Karla Colletto’s Cruise 2013 swimwear line. Collaborating with Cyberia Media, we shot hours of footage of synchronized swimmers in classy-chic swimsuits and retro swim caps performing stunning swim choreography. It was the ultimate high-dive of creative direction and cutting-edge fashion. In the end, we made a memorable splash for a swimwear line that has seen international growth over the past seven years.”
Pum Lefebure/Jake Lefebure, creative directors
Jaime Lopez, designer
Brian O'Connell
, director of photography
Charles Calixto, animation
Ely Mennin
, editor
Tamar Levine
, director
Richard Levine, producer
Cyberia Media, production company
Design Army, design firm
Karla Colletto Swimwear
, client

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