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2013 Design Annual
 :: Atlantic City Alliance projection mapping
Atlantic City Alliance projection mapping
Featured in:
2013 Design Annual
“The Atlantic City Alliance commissioned us to design and produce ‘Duality,’ a show as colorful as Boardwalk Hall’s history. Over the course of nearly nine minutes, the expansive facade of the hall leaps to life as dynamic 3-D animated projections infuse its foundations with movement.”
Hans Samuelson
, writer
Sakchin Bessette
, creative director
Maxime Geraldes
Camille Labelle
, designers
Frédéric Cordier
Joanna Czadowska
Cyril Izam
Jonas Johansson
, graphic designers
Fabricio Lima
Charlotte Risch
, motion graphic designers
Martin Blais
Mirko Lantello
, consultants
Brad Campaigne
Gabriel Pontbriand
, lighting designers
Hugo Desmeules
Nicolas Dubé-Pauzé
Nichola Lapierre
Vincent Pasquier
, technology strategists
Dominic Audet
Alexis Bluteau
Patrick Bourré
Luc Désilets
Jason Riordan
Valy Tremblay
, Proluxon, technology directors
François Godard
Florian Molesh
, programmers
Julien Blais-Savoie
, programming production
Yoann Gagnon
, animator
Jonathan Asselin
Emanuelle Gill
Philippe Savard
, 3-D modeling
Vincent Freeworm
, music composer
Nelson De Robles
, director
Jonathan Foucher
, visual effects artist
Geneviève Forest
, producer
Karine Gagnon
, project manager
François Desrochers
, post-production supervisor
, production service company
Moment Factory
, production company
Marc Hall
, Artifex Animation Studios, 3-D animation company
Atlantic City Alliance
, client

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