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2013 Advertising Annual
 :: Applegate Farms
Applegate Farms
Featured in:
2013 Advertising Annual
"Drugs" :30, "Antibiotics" :30, "Hormones" :30
"A healthy hot dog? Really? Turns out Applegate only uses four simple ingredients: beef, water, salt and spices. Pretty amazing, compared to the litany of sodium-diacetate, hormone-and-antibiotic-pumped, mechanically-separated, poly-who-knows-what in the competition's franks. To drive the point home, we used comical sketches of moms interviewing potential beef for their families much like they might interview a prospective babysitter or nanny. We proudly turned the shopping mothers of America on to Applegate's Cleaner Wiener."
Phillip Cho
, art director
Tim Wassler, writer
Stephen Leps/
Michael Pierantozzi
, creative directors
Dave Clemans
, executive creative director
Steve Mykolyn, chief creative officer
Casey Espinoza
, designer
Matthew Woolf, director of photography
Eleni Gorgeou
, illustrator
Brian Sanford
, editor
The Cutting Room, editorial company
Walter Bianco
, sound designer
Brendan Gibbons
, director
Natalie Wollman
, colorist
Brienna Price
, line producer
Joyce Lee
, agency producer
Thomas Rossano, executive producer
Barry Gilbert
, visual effects producer
Station Films, production company
, media agency
, ad agency
Applegate Farms
, client

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