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2013 Advertising Annual
 :: Canadian Tourism Commission
Canadian Tourism Commission
Featured in:
2013 Advertising Annual
"35 Million Directors" 2:00
"The Canadian Tourism Commission invited 35 million Canadians to pick up their cameras and capture their country on film. In four short weeks, Canadians submitted more than 65 hours of footage, along with thousands of still photographs. These user-generated clips were edited together to create a two-minute film showcasing some of Canada's best travel experiences."
John Larigakis, art director
Neil Shapiro, writer/associate creative director
Cosmo Campbell/Dean Lee, executive creative directors
Daniel Pruger, animator
Don Macdonell, editor
Randy Egan, online editor/colorist
Michelle Kitchen
, project director
Natalie Godfrey
, planner
Dana Rudelier, producer
Kelly-Anne Davis
, project manager
JMB Post, post-production company
DDB Canada, ad agency
Ernst Flach
Lorne Kinsella
Katherine Mulligan
Suzanne Reeves
Stephanie Sirios
, Canadian Tourism Commission, clients

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