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2013 Advertising Annual
 :: End It Movement
End It Movement
Featured in:
2013 Advertising Annual
"Every year, thousands of girls are bound into sexual slavery. Many are trafficked to sporting events. The plan: disrupt the Final Four basketball tournament by exposing the reality of the sex trade that happens around it. The message: If you could see it, would you end it? The sides of a box truck were removed and replaced with glass—revealing the realities of human trafficking and forcing onlookers to confront an ugly truth."
Josh Robinson, art director
Reed Coss
, writer
John McHale
/Bill Pauls, executive creative directors
Gaston Legorburu, worldwide creative director
Hadi Seyfi
, designer
Shane Ortiz
, director
Kelle Ortiz
, executive producer
Chris Hall, chief executive officer
Soteria Productions
, production company
SapientNitro Atlanta
, ad agency
Jenni Brown
, End It Movement, client

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