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2013 Advertising Annual
 :: Google Fiber
Google Fiber
Featured in:
2013 Advertising Annual
"Toy Car World" 1:40
"To announce Google Fiber's anticipated arrival in Kansas City, VB&P created a history of the Internet set to the music of The Cars, and examined what Internet that's 100 times faster than broadband will mean for the city and the folks who live there."
Bob Partington/Ezra Paulekas, art directors
Rob Calabro
/Kelly Diaz, writers
Aaron Duffy/David Kim/Tom Scharpf, creative directors
Will McGinness/Paul Venables, executive creative directors
Will Rexer, director of photography
Carlos Ancalmo
, storyboard artist
Tyler Higgins
, editor
Lost Planet, editorial company
"Just What I Needed" by The Cars, rearranged and covered by Human
, music
Eddie Kim/
Rommel Molina
, sound designers
740 Sound Design, sound design
Scott Ganary, sound design executive producer
Lime Studios, audio mixer
Ben Steiger Levine
, director
Fryza Griggs
, production coordinator
Tamika Miller
, production supervisor
Craig Allen, integrated production director
Leanne Amos
, producer
Joyce Chen, agency producer
Mikha Grumet/Sam Penfield, executive producers
Erica Headley
, visual effects producer
Dave Schulenberg
, executive director of production
1st Avenue Machine, production company
, post-production company
Venables Bell & Partners, ad agency
Google Fiber
, client

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