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2007 Design Annual
 :: OHM+ Audio/Visual packaging
OHM+ Audio/Visual packaging
Featured in:
2007 Design Annual
"This collection is an attempt to give form to the multi-directional, inevitable birth of electronic music. A 3-CD set with bonus DVD and 96-page book in a transparent slipcase cover, OHM+ explores the work of the pioneers of electronic music. The intended audience is anyone with an interest in eclectic, experimental music of historical and artistic significance. The packaging, designed with intricate patterns of connecting lines, circles and squiggles that resemble bolts of electrical activity between two conductors, was intended to suggest the inner workings of an electric device, possibly an unusual musical instrument."
Clifford Stoltze, art director
Tammy Dotson
Soe Lin Post
/Clifford Stoltze, designers
Stoltze Design, design firm
Ellipsis Arts
, client

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