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2007 Design Annual
 :: Target Motion Graphics "Revolutions"
Target Motion Graphics "Revolutions"
Featured in:
2007 Design Annual
"Revolutions" 2:15
"Catalyst Studios partnered with Target to create and bring to life a strategy that takes a huge leap forward in linking the bullseye to the world of art. The newly launched campaign marries seemingly disparate forms of art in unique and unexpected ways to create a new story, a new way for all of us to look at and be inspired by art. After extensive ideation around how to tell this story of art, Catalyst landed for the two-and-a-half minute debut execution on the blending of traditional graffiti art with the cutting edge world of digital art. The idea was to feature two very different graffiti artists and play them off of each other, eventually melding their art together and bringing this 3-D masterpiece to life digitally. The finished spot is now showing at film festivals across the country and at Victory Park Plaza, a new concept entertainment and art district in Dallas, Texas. Victory Park is unique in that digital artists from around the world compete in a juried selection process to have their artwork featured."
Ron Anderson/Shannon Pettini, creative directors
Catalyst Studios, design
Fischer Edit, editor
Modern Music, music
Barth Ward, producer
Tronic Studio, digital effects company
Target, client

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