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2007 Advertising Annual
 :: Mac vs. PC TV commercials
Mac vs. PC TV commercials
Featured in:
2007 Advertising Annual
"Stuffed" :30
(Open on Mac against white background)
Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
PC: (off camera) Wait.
Mac: (looks off camera, shudders) Whoa..PC?
(PC enters frame incredibly slowly. He is wearing a fat suit and can barely walk)
PC: It's all the trial software, Mac -- they pack my hard drive full of it until I'm…bursting at the seams. All these programs that don't do very much unless I buy the original, or are just plain useless. Really slows me down. You know how it is.
(PC continues to slowly make his way toward his mark)
Mac: Actually I don't. Macs don't come with all that stuff. Just the software you want, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb. All part of iLife.
(Mac waits patiently as PC finally hits his mark and slowly turns toward camera)
Mac: Ready?
PC: OK, let's do this…Wait, hold on. Forgot something.
(PC slowly turns and starts to make his way off stage)
Title: (Apple Logo) Mac

"Accident" :30
(Open on Mac and PC standing against a white background. PC is wearing a cast on one arm, a neck brace and sitting in a wheelchair)
Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
PC: (pained) And I'm a PC.
Mac: I'm afraid to ask…
PC: (dramatic) I was just sitting on my desk when someone walked by and carelessly tripped on my power cord. Yanked me straight down to the ground. Smack!
Mac: Yikes. You know, MacBooks come with this power cord that connects magnetically, so when it gets pulled it just pops right off. Everything's just kinda thought out. Like the tiny built-in iSight camera….
PC: (dramatic) My life is flashing before my eyes! I see a sunset and a field of beautiful wheat…
MAC: Isn't that your screen saver?
PC: Yea…
Title: (Apple Logo) Mac

"The Counselor" :30
(Open on PC and Mac sitting on a loveseat. Across from them sits a relationship counselor.
Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
PC: And I'm a PC. And I feel inadequate. PCs get viruses, we can't do as much out of the box…
Mac: (to PC, encouraging) I don't know why you're so hard on yourself. I don't get it…
Counselor: (gesturing quite a bit with the hands) Mac, why don't you say something positive about PC.
Mac: Ok, easy. PC, you're a wizard with numbers and you dress like a gentleman.
Counselor: (gestures to PC for his turn) PC?
PC: Well Mac, I guess you're a little better at creative stuff. Even though it's completely juvenile and a waste of time.
Counselor: Maybe you guys should come in twice a week.
Title: (Apple Logo) Mac
Scott Trattner, art director
Barton Corley/Alicia Dotter/Jason Sperling, writers
Barton Corley/Jason Sperling/Scott Trattner, associate creative directors
Eric Grunbaum/Duncan Milner, executive creative directors
Lee Clow, chief creative officer
Peter Donahue, director of photography
Lucas Eskin/Val Thrasher, editors
Brian Robinson, online editor
Mad River Post, editorial company
Phil Morrison, director
Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist
Anne Oburgh/Mike Refuerzo, agency producers
Epoch Films, production company
Company 3, post production company
TBWA\Media Arts Lab, ad agency
Apple, Inc., client

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