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2007 Advertising Annual
 :: Amp'd Mobile TV commercial
Amp'd Mobile TV commercial
Featured in:
2007 Advertising Annual
"Busted" :30
(Open on a guy singing to himself as he washes his hands in a washroom. It becomes clear he is singing "You & Dat" by E-40 and T-Pain)
Guy: Girl, I been shakin', stickin' and movin' tryna to get you and that booty. Tryna get to you and that booty. Tryna get to you and that booty...
(Now the guy looks into the mirror and begins performing like a rapper, posing and bouncing. He really gets into it)
Guy: What you gonna do when I bend the block? Pull up on that ass in a brand new drop?
Music: Speakers on blast…
(Another man walks up and begins washing his hands at the adjacent sink. Guy abruptly stops singing and tries to act casual)
Guy: (nervously) Hi...
(The two continue washing and don't make eye contact. It's awkward)
Super: I saw it on Amp'd Mobile.
(Cut to the phone playing the "You & Dat" music video.
Supers: More music. More sports. More virals. More mobile than you're used to.
Super: Amp'd Mobile logo
Scott Bassen
, art director/associate creative director
Tom Christmann, writer/creative director
Wayne Best, executive creative director
Paul Lavoie, chief creative officer
Carl Nilsson, director of photography
Chan Hatcher, editor
Tom Coleo
, assistant editor
Rock Paper Scissors, editorial company
Marshall Grupp, Marshall Grupp Sound Design/
Nylon Design Studios (Sydney)
, sound design
Happy, director
Bill Gabor
, colorist
Shelby Ross, line producer
Andy Wilcox
, agency producer
Erika Best, executive producer
Brian Carmody/Allison Kunzman/
PM Smith
, production company producers
Yole Berera
, post production producer
Smuggler, production company
Framestore, post production company
TAXI, Inc. New York, ad agency
Amp'd Mobile
, client

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