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2007 Advertising Annual
 :: Career Builder "Darts" TV commercial
Career Builder "Darts" TV commercial
Featured in:
2007 Advertising Annual
"Darts" :30
(Open on office workers at desks, except they're not in an office; they're in the wild, wearing tattered dress shirts and ties. One worker approaches another's desk and shows him a report)
Worker 1: Hey Pete, something ain't right, man. Look at this.
(Just then, a pen dart hits the co-workers coffee cup)
Worker 1: Run!
(More pen darts fly through the air, and the workers run in panic as management on horseback appears)
Worker 2: What's going on?
Worker 1: They're looking for volunteers for a training seminar.
(A group of running workers gets trapped by a net made of office extension cords. Another worker tries to direct everyone else to safety)
Worker 3: This way, c'mon!
(He gets taken out by an office water cooler bottle, swinging on a gauntlet)
Worker 2: Not another all-day session!
(A shirtless worker running at the head of the pack leads them into a clearing)
Shirtless Worker: I can't take another training seminar, I can't take another training seminar, I can't take it!
(The herd passes a security guard at a podium in the clearing. He doesn't even look up)
Security Guard: Sign out, please.
(They head towards a cliff and run right over it, like lemmings)
Super/Anncr. (VO): Do more than just survive the workweek.
Anncr. (VO): A better job awaits, and has the most.
Camera Card:
Justin Bucktrout
/Matt Spett, art directors
Bill Dow
/Rick Hamann, writers
Pat Hanna, creative director
Dean Hacohen, executive creative director
Marshall Ross, chief creative officer
Ben Latimer
, agency producer
Cramer-Krasselt, ad agency
, client

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