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2007 Advertising Annual
 :: Ray-Ban online ad
Ray-Ban online ad
Featured in:
2007 Advertising Annual
“Sunglass Catch” 1:37
(Series of vignettes showing a man throwing Ray-Ban sunglasses at another man who catches them with his face)
Music: Up and under.
(Open on a man in a living room. He turns and throws sunglasses at a man seated on a sofa. The man catches them with his face. Both leave through the kitchen to outside. One man climbs on the roof and throws glasses at the man below who catches them with his face. Scene shifts to a parking garage, man on the roof throws glasses at the man standing on the ground who catches them with his face. This action is repeated over and over, finally a car passes by and the man on the sidewalk throws the glasses at a man riding in a passing car who catches them with his face. The car stops and the thrower runs over to the car window)
Thrower: Great catch! (turns to the camera) Did you get that?
Music: Under and out.
Travis Britton, creative director
Chuck McBride, executive creative director
Johannes Gamble
, designer/director of photography
Benzo Theodore, editor/director
Steve Hanft
, producer
Jesse Brihn/Jennifer Golub, agency producers
Jennifer Golub, executive agency producer
Cutwater, ad agency
Ray-Ban, client

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