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2008 Advertising Annual
 :: Crest Smile "Prenup" TV commercial
Crest Smile "Prenup" TV commercial
Featured in:
2008 Advertising Annual
"Prenup" :45
(Open on a woman seated at a table, finishing up some lunch and doing some work. A man walks in and places a manila folder in front of her)
Woman: What's this?
(The man sits down and puts a large endearing smile on his face)
Man: It's a prenup.
(The woman thinks he's trying to be funny. She smiles back)
Woman: Are you joking?
Man: No. This is my lawyer.
(He gestures as a lawyer walks into the room)
Woman: We have a lawyer?
(The man continues to smile)
Man: No he's my lawyer.
(There is a long pause as the woman stares at the man's smile. After a few moments, the woman thinks she's figured it out)
Woman: Is it because I'm so much better looking than you?
Man: No. It's because my family is so much richer than yours.
(The lawyer smiles and hands her a pen)
Lawyer: We just don't trust you, Karen.
(She takes the pen and, seeing that everyone is still smiling, she happily signs the papers)
Super: You can say anything with a smile.
Logo: Crest. Healthy beautiful smiles for life.
Dan Lucey, art director
Nathan Frank, writer
Alison Gragnano/Kerry Keenan, creative directors
Gerry Graf, executive creative director
Ian MacKenzie, editor
MacKenzie Cutler, editorial company
Mark Healy, sound design
Harold Einstein, director
Tom Rossano, producer
Maura Hurley/Colin Pearsall, agency producers
Station Films, production company
Saatchi & Saatchi New York, ad agency
Crest, client

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