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2008 Advertising Annual
 :: Apple Mac vs PC "Refresh" online ad
Apple Mac vs PC "Refresh" online ad
Featured in:
2008 Advertising Annual
(banner ad, single and part of series)
(Open on Mac and PC in skyscraper. In leaderboard is a negative quote about Vista)
Mac: Hello I'm a Mac.
PC: And I'm a PC.
(Both look up at the leaderboard and see an unfavorable review for Vista)
PC: Oh great, another bad review of Vista. Looks like we need to do an emergency refresh.
(PC opens a panel door in the wall behind him. As the door opens, a large red switch labeled "Emergency Banner Refresh" appears. PC flips the switch. Suddenly, both the leaderboard and skyscraper fade to white. A moment later, the banners return. The original bad quote is now replaced with a new, equally bad quote)
PC: Oh great!
(PC quickly flips the "Emergency Banner Refresh" switch again. The banners fade to white. When they reappear a positive Leopard quote appears.
PC: See there's a positive one…about Leopard. Ahh!
(PC flips the switch again)
Mac: PC…
TITLE: (Apple Logo); Mac.
Jamin Duncan/Chuck Monn, art directors
Allan Manaysay/Jason Sperling, writers
Chuck Monn, associate creative director
Jason Sperling, creative director
Eric Grunbaum/Duncan Milner, executive creative directors
Lee Clow, chief creative officer
Peter Donahue, director of photography
Ryan Conlan, interactive designer
Fred Fouquet, Mad River Post/
Brandon Sanders
, Mork and Lys/Stefan Sonnenfeld, Company 3, editors
Mad River Post, editorial company
Phil Morrison, director
Hank Zakroff, agency producer
Joannah Bryan, interactive producer
Epoch Films, production company
Company 3/
Mork and Lys
, post production companies
TBWA\Media Arts Lab, ad agency
Apple, Inc., client

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