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2008 Advertising Annual
 :: Snickers Dark TV commercial
Snickers Dark TV commercial
Featured in:
2008 Advertising Annual
"Trashcan" :30
(Open on guys standing around their mid 1990's Ford Taurus at a gas station. Pilgrim walks out of the gas station's convenience store and approaches them. He is holding a plastic shopping bag in one hand and a Snickers Dark bar in the other)
Pilgrim: Hey guys, they were out of Snickers…
Viking: (upset) Nooooo!!
(The Viking picks up a trashcan and hurls it as far as he can, hitting another parked car)
Pilgrim: But I got these Snickers Dark bars with dark chocolate instead.
Viking: (happy) Yaaaaay!!
(The Viking picks up another trashcan and hurls it as far as he can, hitting the same parked car. Cut to Snickers Dark end treatment)
Anncr. (VO): Dark chocolate. Peanuts. Nougat. Caramel.
Super: Snickers logo
Super: Feast.
Jeff Anderson, art director
Isaac Silverglate, writer
Ian Reichenthal/Scott Vitrone, group creative directors
Gerry Graf, executive creative director
Gavin Cutler, editor
MacKenzie Cutler, editorial company
Brian Buckley
, director
Tim Masick, colorist
Winslow Dennis, producer
Hungry Man, production company
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, ad agency
Mars, Inc., client

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