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2008 Advertising Annual
 :: AIDS TV commercial
AIDS TV commercial
Featured in:
2008 Advertising Annual
"Hourglass" :40
(Filmed against a black background, in a very sensual ambiance, a number of couples, both homosexual and heterosexual, are making love. Cut to a woman in a free fall crosses the screen from top to bottom. Cut to the couples making love. Cut to a man's inanimated body fall heavily upon a pile of motionless bodies. Cut to group shots of all the couples making love. They are all making love in the same space, crammed up against one another. The camera gradually zooms out to reveal that the couples are all squeezed into a giant hourglass. In the upper part of the hourglass, the couples are making love, while underneath, the others are all dead. One of the people then passes through the funnel of the hourglass, and falls dead upon the other bodies. Followed by another body, and then another...)
Super: Every ten seconds, someone in the world dies of AIDS. Time is running out, please send your donations today. Sidaction. United against AIDS.
Edward Capelle
Stephane Santana
, art directors
Stephan Ferens, creative director
Vincent Marchand
, editor
Dimitri Daniloff, director
Bertrand Ayache-Anguenot
Gabriel Duforesto
, agency producers
Leo Burnett France
, ad agency
, client

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