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2008 Advertising Annual
 :: Apple Mac vs PC "Quote" online ad
Apple Mac vs PC "Quote" online ad
Featured in:
2008 Advertising Annual
(banner ad, single part of series)
(Open on leaderboard and skyscraper. PC and Mac in the skyscraper. PC is climbing a ladder. The leaderboard is a quote from the Wall Street Journal. It reads LEOPARD IS BETTER AND FASTER THAN VISTA)
Mac: Hello I'm a Mac. PC, what are you doing?
PC: What? Oh, I'm just correcting this typo from the Wall Street Journal. Man, they do not proofread these things.
Mac: Why, what's wrong with it?
PC: Well look at it, it says that Leopard is better and faster than Vista? I mean, come on, that's an embarrassing blunder.
Mac: PC, I think that quote is true…
VIS: PC uses a staple gun to affix a sign that says "NOT" to the end of the quote.
PC: OK...
Mac: PC…
PC: There we go.
(PC climbs down from the ladder)
PC: Come on Mac, we've got the whole Internet to correct.
Mac: OK…
PC: Grab the ladder.
Title: (Apple Logo); Mac.
Chuck Monn, art director/associate creative director
Alicia Dotter/Jason Sperling, writers
Jason Sperling, creative director
Eric Grunbaum/Duncan Milner, executive creative directors
Lee Clow, chief creative officer
Mott Hupfel, director of photography
Ryan Conlan, interactive designer
Scott Johnson, Company 3/Stefan Sonnenfeld, Company 3/Val Thrasher, Mad River Post, editors
Mad River Post, editorial company
Phil Morrison, director
Perrin Rausch/Hank Zakroff, agency producers
Joannah Bryan, interactive producer
Epoch Films, production company
Company 3, post production company
TBWA\Media Arts Lab, ad agency
Apple, Inc., client

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