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2008 Design Annual
 :: AMC "Mad Men" Titles
AMC "Mad Men" Titles
Featured in:
2008 Design Annual
"The directors approached the opening title like a live-action film title project. The character's free-fall from the office suite captures the essence of the show—that of a character whose demeanor belies his inner turmoil. The fall is abruptly cut short by his composed, reclining pose. The closing image of the title sequence became the branding device for the show, as well as the image for print advertising and key art."
Jeremy Cox
Joey Salim
Fabian Tejada
, designers
Jeremy Cox
Jason Goodman
Jordan Sariego
Fabian Tejada
, animators
Malcolm Jamieson
, AMC/Lionsgate/Caleb Woods, editors
Encore Hollywood
, editorial company
RJD2, music composer
Steve Fuller
/Mark Gardner/
Alan Taylor
, AMC/Lionsgate, directors
Scott Hornbacher
, AMC/Lionsgate/
Cara McKenney
Bobby Williams
, AMC/Lionsgate, producers
Maribeth Phillips/
Matthew Weiner
, AMC/Lionsgate, executive producers
Todd London
, AMC/Lionsgate, post production supervisor
Imaginary Forces, production company
AMC/Lionsgate, client

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