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2006 Advertising Annual
 :: DC Shoes integrated campaign
DC Shoes integrated campaign
Featured in:
2006 Advertising Annual
"China Wall"
"The goal was simple: let the world know that Danny Way was going to jump the Great Wall of China on a skateboard. On a shoestring budget, we do everything ourselves: from production, to traffic, to craft services. We had one asset, that China has a Minister of Extreme Sports (yes, they really have one). So we figured we would let The Minister (or at least a Chinatown photo shop owner pretending to be The Minister) do the talking. We built work around the idea that he authorized this jump and was announcing the event through government channels. Rather than trying to act cool, go the opposite direction and look very official and very straight. DC, Danny and the jump were all the credibility we needed, so there was no need to try and act extreme or loudly claim that this was a huge event. 

- Over 1 million views of the jump on
- Worldwide press and television coverage of the jump. 29 U.S. TV appearances alone (from CNN to The Daily Show alone)
- All wire services carried pre and post jump coverage.
- Lead story in every major skateboard publication.
- Interest in event prompts DC to produce and sell."
Con Williamson
, art director/director
Mike Haje
, writer
Mike Haje
Con Williamson
, creative directors
Gary Knight, editor
Jim Juvonen
, producer
Lodge 212
, production company
JWT New York, ad agency
DC Shoes, client

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