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2006 Advertising Annual
 :: Ace Hardware TV commercial
Ace Hardware TV commercial
Featured in:
2006 Advertising Annual
"Wife" :30
(Open on a very typical newsroom. Co-anchors sit next to each other delivering the evening news)
Linda: And welcome back. The big news this weekend is the Ace Hardware Sale. (Passing it to her co-anchor) Bob.
Bob: (Laughing) Well, I know where my wife will be this weekend.
Linda: (Laughing, then not) You're married?
(Cut wide to see Linda staring at Bob. There is an awkward silence. They both maintain their composure, as they are still LIVE on the air)
Bob: (Attempting to get off camera) Let's go to weather. In weather…
Linda: (Cuts Bob off) No, let's not go to weather. We should actually stay right where we are. Why don't you tell us all about how you're married.
Bob: (Still laughing) Oh, Linda you are just too funny.
(Bob hits the desk with his hand)
Linda: You are really funny.
(Linda hits the desk, mimicking Bob).
Anncr.: The ACE Memorial Day Sale. Up to 75% off almost everything in the store.
(Cut back to Linda and Bob. They still sit awkwardly in front of the camera)
Bob: (Addressing his wife at home) Honey, this is a lot of kidding going on.
Linda: (Sarcastic) Yeah, it's adorable, huh?
Stephen Goldblatt, art director
Bob Winter, writer
Jeff Goodby, creative director
John Zilles
, director of photography
Peter Johnson
Jean Kawahara
, editors
Umlaut Films, editorial company
Michael Downing, director
Francie Moore
, line producer
James Horner, broadcast producer
Tod Puckett, executive agency producer
Harvest Films, production company
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, ad agency
Ace Hardware
, client

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