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2006 Advertising Annual
 :: Seattle Int'l Film Festival TV commercial
Seattle Int'l Film Festival TV commercial
Featured in:
2006 Advertising Annual
"Director's Cut" :20 Bumper
(Open on a theater marquee reading "Test Screening". Hands with thumbs down come into frame from both sides and obscure the marquee)
Super: Test audiences panned it. Wonder why?
(The hands recede and reveal a wedding party of a pastor, bride and groom and a ring bearer)
Super: Maybe because all the characters die?
(The wedding party tilts back and is sliced in half by a blade on a pendulum)
Super: But if you've got four hours to sit on your butt.
(Pan up to see the pendulum is attached to a cuckoo clock)
Super: See what you think of the director's cut.
(The door to the clock opens and a director comes out like a cuckoo and is sliced in half)
Seattle International Film Festival
May 18-June 11th
Play Along.
Mark Watson, art director/illustrator
Jennie Moore, writer
Tracy Wong, creative director
Zach Pahl
, Flame artist
Wayne Horvitz
, music composer
Downtown Composer Collective, music company
Sam Gray
, sound engineer
Kathie McCallister
Bill Ronan
Wendi Willis
, producers
Steph Huske, agency producer
Bad Animals/Modern Digital, post production companies
WongDoody, ad agency
Gary Tucker
, Seattle International Film Festival, client

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