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2005 Photography Annual
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2005 Photography Annual
Zachary Scott interprets the concepts of the "Year in Ideas" issue with a whimsical approach. The cover photograph (Blackboard) incorporates all of the new ideas of 2004 included in the issue. The other images illustrate specific ideas described in the issue: Self-Storage (illustrates that in today's fast-paced society, people are finding small places to rest and recuperate during the day); Employable Liberal Arts Major (illustrates the recent trend of career development programs being offered at liberal arts universities); Presenteeism (research has shown that sick employees who go to work may be more costly to their company than if they had stayed at home); Acoustic Keyboard Eavesdropping (illustrates how it is possible to eavesdrop on a typist's key strokes and distinguish what is being typed).
Zachary Scott, photographer
Arem Duplessis, art director
Janet Froelich, creative director
Kristina DiMatteo, designer
Kira Pollack, deputy picture editor
Kathy Ryan, photo editor
The New York Times Magazine, client

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