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2004 Advertising Annual
 :: FedEx "Jenkins" TV commercial
FedEx "Jenkins" TV commercial
Featured in:
2004 Advertising Annual
"Jenkins" :30
(Open inside an office. Two workers stop in the doorway and knock on the door)
First Guy: Jenkins, got a minute? Listen, Jenkins. We're on to you. We know you're an alien.
(Cut to a frontal view of an alien. He's wearing a huge short-sleeve button-down shirt and a tie. On the front of his head is a cardboard cut-out of a photograph of a generic business guy's face)
Second Guy: Admit it, you're just here studying our species.
(Cut to the alien's mask. There is a small speaker on the forehead of the mask. A very stilted pre-recorded voice comes from the speaker)
Alien: Why don't we use FedEx.
First Guy: That's all you ever say. We're not buying it.
Second Guy: C'mon, it's so obvious.
Alien: Why don't we use FedEx.
First Guy: The jig is up. It's over!
(Just then, the Boss walks in)
Boss: Jenkins, we've got a ton of packages to ship or we're in serious trouble. Any ideas?
Alien: Why don't we use FedEx.
Boss: Good thinking, Jenkins. You two… back to work.
(The two guys look defeated. As they're leaving, they point at the alien, letting him know they're gonna be watching him)
Anncr. (VO): FedEx. It's all you need to know.
Camera Card: Relax, it's FedEx.
Matt Vescovo, art director
Jim Lemaitre, writer
Eric Silver, executive creative director
Ted Sann
, chief creative officer
Frank Todaro, director, production company producer
BBDO New York, ad agency
FedEx, client

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