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2004 Advertising Annual
 :: Crispy Twist "Bone Breaker" TV commercial
Crispy Twist "Bone Breaker" TV commercial
Featured in:
2004 Advertising Annual
"Bone Breaker" 1:00
(Open on a room full of Yakuza gangsters, a man is trading a suitcase for something from a woman. Suddenly, the woman betrays the man by commanding her gangsters to kill him. However, the man is able to protect himself by breaking opponents' arms, legs and head. A melee ensues)
SFX: Crack! Crack!
(Cut to the sound studio, a film announcer is chewing Fisho Twist for the sound effect of the bones breaking)
Logo and Packshot: Fisho Twist
Super: Crispy Twist
Jirasak Tungkanopas
, art director
Denchai Kererug
, writer
Trong Tantivejakul, creative director
, director
Chaiyo Production
, production company
Dentsu Young & Rubicam Ltd.
, ad agency
T-Holding Co., Ltd.
, client

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