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2004 Advertising Annual
 :: MTV TV commercials
MTV TV commercials
Featured in:
2004 Advertising Annual
"Gay/Straight" :15
Watch and Learn: Gay/Straight
(Cut to a man walking up to another man and slapping him on the butt)
Super: Gay.
Cut to the same two men doing the same exact action, but now in baseball uniforms)
Super: Straight.
The MTV Logo appears over the scene.
Super: Watch and learn.

"Musical Instrument" :22
Watch and Learn: Musical Instrument
(Open on an electric guitar player performing on stage to an audience of fans. One fan runs on stage and begins to kiss him. The concert and fan disappears as the image of the guitar player moves to the right and a scale on the right side appears. This scale measures the probability that the instruments these musicians play could lead to sex. This scale looks like a fuel gauge, except in place of the "F" for full is the word sex. The scale activates once the guitar player moves to his final position on the right. The needle moves aggresively to the right towards sex. It is as far as it can go. As soon as the level for the guitar player is recorded, a new image of another musician comes into th frame from the top replacing the guitar player image. Next up is a drummer. His level is high but not as high as the guitar player. Next is a trumpet player. His level is in the middle. The trumpet player is replaced by a flutist, his level is low. Next is an accordion
player. His level is extremely low. The last musician to appear is a tuba player. His reading is barely visible except for a small blip on the gauge.
The MTV logo appears over the scene.
Super: Watch and learn.

"Three Second Rule" :22
(Open on a woman walking while eating a banana. Part of the banana falls to the ground. As soon as the piece of fruit hits the ground a clock appears and starts ticking. She reaches down to pick up the piece of banana. Just as she picks up the piece of banana the clock stops. The time on the clock reads 2:13. She puts the piece in her mouth and walks away fine. A different woman eating a banana waks into the frame. Part of her banana falls to the floor. Again a clock appears and starts running as soon as the banana hits the floor. This woman is much slower than the first in picking up her fallen food. As she casually reaches to pick up her food we notice that the clock has gone past three seconds. When the clock passes three seconds, it turns red and starts to blink. The woman nonchalantly picks up the banana and puts it into her mouth as sirens and alarms go off. As soon as she eats the piece of banana, she falls to the floor in agony)
Super: Obey the three second rule.
The MTV Logo appears over the scene.
Super: Watch and learn.

Matthew Vescovo
, writer/director
Kevin Mackall, creative director
, animation/editor
JSM Music
, music company
, sound engineer
Michael Bellino
, producer
MTV On-Air Promos, ad agency/client

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