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2004 Advertising Annual
 :: Truth "All Our Kids" TV commercial
Truth "All Our Kids" TV commercial
Featured in:
2004 Advertising Annual
"All Our Kids" :60
(Open on a playground/beach, in the sandbox sits a rainbow-colored portable toddler's play yard, with a doll, inside as if napping. A truth teen wearing a crazyworld uniform and a derby addresses passers-by)
Teen: Where are we folks? Crazyworld!
(Cut tight on kid's play yard)
Teen: Very Good! Come on up Siona, give Siona a round of applause, everyone. Do you see that big crane up there? Position the crane above the crib and try to grab a crib. Keep going, keep going right, keep going left, keep going, Siona keep going.
(The teen reaches in and picks the doll up out of the crib and steps aside. Just then , the claw from a giant junkyard crane drops down into the frame, grapples onto the top of the play yard and uproots it from its peaceful sandy foundation)
Teen: This is all our kids play yard. Actually, they're just replicas because all 13,000 of the real ones were ordered destroyed. Thanks to a defect that made them a strangulation hazard.
(Pieces of the smashed crib and fluffy stuffed animals drop to the ground as the crane hoists up and away)
Teen: But there were no deaths. Zero. [BEAT]
(The teen produces a cigarette as the crib is hoisted out of the frame still dropping parts and baby stuff)
Teen: This is a cigarette. It contributes to more than 1,000 infant deaths a year due to second hand smoke [BEAT] Talk about a deadly hazard. Welcome to Crazyworld.
(Cut back to mangled crib being dropped by junk yard crane onto a pile of other destroyed cribs. Reveal Crazyworld sign)
Logo: truth
Rob Baird/Lee Einhorn/Tiffany Kosel, art directors
Roger Baldacci/Mike Howard/John Kearse/Scott Linnen, writers
Tom Adams/Roger Baldacci, creative directors
Alex Bogusky/Pete Favat, executive creative directors
Ron Lawner, chief creative officer
John Schwartzman, director of photography
Carlos Arias, editor
Baker Smith, director
Amy Favat, agency producer
Harvest Films, production company
Arnold Worldwide/Crispin Porter + Bogusky, ad agencies
American Legacy Foundation, client

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