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2004 Advertising Annual
 :: Truth " Coroner" TV commercial
Truth " Coroner" TV commercial
Featured in:
2004 Advertising Annual
"Coroner" :60
(Oen on a busy sidewalk. Two Truth Teens are looking at a large digital clock. Another Truth Teen is standing next to the digital clock with an air horn in his hand. The clock is counting up from 4,5,6,7,8. at eight the air horn sounds as one of the teens runs over and hands out a large orange dot to a passer by. Cut to a montage of the two teens handing out dots to people every eight seconds. Cut to people reading a piece of copy that says every eight seconds someone in the world dies due to tobacco)
Teen: Every eight seconds, someone in the world dies from tobacco.
(Cut to a snapshot of the teen holding the orange dot. An orange string is pinned to the orange dot in the snapshot, on a bulletin board. The camera follows the string over a collage of related photos. The other end of the string is pinned to an orange dot that a man in a white coat is holding. Cut to a live scene of the man in the white coat holding an orange dot at the morgue)
Coroner: In 1990, a tobacco company put together a plan to stop coroners from listing tobacco as a cause of death on a death certificate. Now why would they try to do that?
Logo: Connect truth.

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