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2005 Design Annual
 :: Herman Miller Inc. "See: The Potential of Place"
Herman Miller Inc. "See: The Potential of Place"
Featured in:
2005 Design Annual
"see is a way to present Herman Miller customers with perspectives, people and thoughts that may stimulate them in their conceptions of built environments. It is a collection of ideas, images and interviews dealing broadly with the built environment and its potential to inspire people. see is not a publication dealing with Herman Miller products, but with Herman Miller's unique and long standing position as a thought leader in the office furniture industry."
Todd Richards, Cahan & Associates, designer
Bill Cahan, Cahan & Associates/Steve Frykholm, Herman Miller, Inc., creative directors
Pamela Erbe, Herman Miller, Inc./Dick Holm, Herman Miller, Inc./Carol Lecocq, Herman Miller, Inc./Julie Ridl, Herman Miller, Inc./
Dan Sorensen
, Herman Miller, Inc., writers
Clark Malcolm, Herman Miller, Inc., editor
Gay Strobel, Herman Miller, Inc., senior managing editor
Henning Bock
/Todd Hido/
Ingvar Kenne
/Robert Schlatter/
Tim Simmons
Michael S. Yamashita
, Corbis, photographers
Brian Cairns/Joseph Hart/Blair Thornley, illustration
Marlene Capotosto, Herman Miller, Inc./Clare Rhinelander, Cahan & Associates, production managers
Nicholas Davidson, Cahan & Associates, production artist
Cahan & Associates, design firm
Herman Miller, Inc., client

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