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2004 Design Annual
 :: Nike's Genealogy of Speed Environmental Graphics
Nike's Genealogy of Speed Environmental Graphics
Featured in:
2004 Design Annual
"The Genealogy of Speed exhibit documents Nike's continued obsession with speed. On one wall, recessed shelves echo the air intakes of a jet plane, conveying the aerodynamic properties of the shoes themselves. On the opposite wall, a series of diverging lines, suggest an organic depiction of the Nike Speed product family tree. The genealogical data could be read as both a series of distinct product highlights and a continuous linear progression toward ever-greater speed."
Haresh Lalvani
, consultant
Simon Eisinger
, Lynch/Eisinger/Design/
Christian Lynch
, Lynch/Eisinger/Design, architects
Jeffrey Dey/
Dean Di Simone
, art directors
Paul Tew
, design director
Joseph Kosinski
, KDLAB, design team
Greg Hoffman, creative director
Jennifer Kabot
, writer
Cory Hansen/Dennie Wendt, editors
Nancy Deverna
, producer
Material Process Systems
Milgo Bufkin
, fabricators
/Nike Brand Design, design firms
Nike, client

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