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2004 Design Annual
 :: Phillips Root Beer Schnapps bottle
Phillips Root Beer Schnapps bottle
Featured in:
2004 Design Annual
"The first in a series of new schnapps bottles from Phillips that introduces the public to the inhabitants of Schnappsville–an enchanted land where the motto is, Mix Well With Others. The hero on the Root Beer Schnapps bottle touts the Root Beer Barrel (a shot of schnapps in a glass of beer), a fashionable drink in the 1980s that is regaining popularity among 21-year-olds today."
Robb Harskamp, designer
Cindy Olson, design director
John Olson, executive creative director
Derek Bitter, writer
Chris Henderson, illustrator
Joel Dodson, production manager
Beth MacLean, production artist
Mary Quinn
, production
Sheree Mehring
, project director
Olson, ad agency
Dean Phillips
, Phillips Distilling, client

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