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2005 Advertising Annual
 :: Nike "Michael Vick Experience" TV commercial
Nike "Michael Vick Experience" TV commercial
Featured in:
2005 Advertising Annual

"The Michael Vick Experience" :60
(Open on long lines at "The Michael Vick Experience" amusement park ride)
SFX: Kids screaming (on rides)
(Cut to inside ride where kids are being put on harnesses to go into the MVE)
Female (VO) (on loudspeaker): Welcome to the Michael Vick Experience
(Cut to boy getting in harness with an employee helping him)
Employee: Watch your head, keep your hands and feet in the harness.
(Cut to employee putting shoes on boy)
Female (VO): Please go to the next available chair.
(Cut to employee putting helmet on boy)
Kid: Right on! (excited)
(Cut to employees stepping aside while boy begins the ride. Cut to employee slapping boy's helmet)
Employee: Enjoy the ride.
(Boy raises his hand in excitement for the ride to begin. Cut to boy being taken on ride and he's yelling and waving his hands all around. Cut to inside a tunnel with the boy in a harness and holograms of Michael Vick are standing throughout tunnel)
Michael Vick (VO): Welcome to my ride.
(Cut to CU of boy looking around in awe. Cut to hologram)
Vick (VO): Before the fun starts, here's a few tips…remember push-ups…check zones…backup…check chinstraps…
(Cut to boy—a little nervous—checking his chinstrap. Cut to boy going into the dark tunnel. Screen goes black as boy leaves tunnel. Cut to the boy suddenly in real football game, still in his harness)
SFX: Stadium applause.
(Cut to boy looking around at the football players about to snap him the ball)
Anncr. (VO): Urlacker and Vick showing blitz…
(Cut to ball snap and he catches it by surprise; he gets pulled backwards and his harness carries him through the game as if he were really a player)
SFX: Boy screams.
(He runs downfield. In order to avoid being tackled, he does a flip and makes a touchdown. Cut to the boy, relieved as he realizes he made a touchdown and his teammates pat his helmet. Michael Vick hologram shows up on the field)
Vick: Well, that's not in the playbook but it should be.
(Cut to photo of boy in ride)
Ryan O'Rourke, art director
Derek Barnes, writer
Mike Byrne/Hal Curtis, creative directors
Harris Savides, director of photography
Russell Icke, editor
Ulf Johansson, director
Vic Palumbo, agency producer
Philippa Smith, production company producer
Smith & Jones Films, production company
Wieden+Kennedy, ad agency
Nike, client

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